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Patchs Défatigants

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The Patchs Défatigants are pre-soaked eye sheet masks that treat the signs of fatigue and ageing in the eye contour area.

They combine an ideal and natural biocellulose medium, a tailored shape that perfectly adheres to the eye contour area, and chosen active ingredients suited to the thin and fragile eye contour area.

This innovative solution of anti-puffiness, anti-bag and anti-wrinkle agents provides immediate and long-lasting rested look.

Concern: First signs of aging, Wrinkles, Dark circles & eye bags, Dehydration

Skin type: All skin types



Immediately reduces signs of fatigue, reduces puffiness and eye wrinkles.

How to use


Active ingredients

Anti-puffiness agents: Caffeine, Anti-puffiness dipeptide

Anti-wrinkles agents: Silk Tree Extract, Cassava Extract, Polysaccharides rich in fucose

Anti-dehydration lines agents: Hyaluronic Acid

Anti-dark circles agents: Complex of Matrikines and Flavonoïd

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